Palma. Paseo Maritimo

Paseo Maritimo or, as it is also called, the alley of Gabriel Roca is located between the two main ports of the island of Mallorca — Port de Palma and Porto Pi. The name of the Spanish engineer, Gabriel Roca, is immortalized in the name of the street because he was in charge of the local port in the middle of the last century, and also actively participated in the development of the island’s tourism infrastructure.

The embankment in the southern part of the city crosses several regions: Playa de Palma, Levante and Poniente. The total length of Paseo Maritimo is 5.5 kilometers and there are parks, such as Jardins Sa Quarentena in the south and Parc de la Mar in the east.

In addition to the standard urban development on this street, you can find buildings that have been in Palma for more than 500 years, such as one of the masterpieces of Gothic architecture, the palace of La Lonja.

A walk along Paseo Maritimo is a kind of excursion for tourists, during which you can get acquainted with the achievements in modern shipbuilding. From the embankment, you can easily see expensive yachts and sailboats, as well as giant cruise liners calling at the port of Palma.

The camera is installed in the office of the radio station, Das Inselradio Mallorca, which broadcasts here at 95.8 FM.

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