The camera of Gipfelrestaurant, built at the top station of the Eisee-Brienzer Rothorn cable car, is directed toward Lake Brienz. We are located at an altitude of 2,350 meters above sea level, and a huge lake at the foot of the mountain is 1,786 meters lower. Such a huge elevation difference did not interfere with the construction of the famous railroad that runs from the shores of Lake Brienz to the top of Brienzer Rothorn.

Lake Brienz is one of the cleanest lakes in all of Switzerland, that’s why many tourists come here. They can go on peaceful water trips, first-class fishing, and swim at local beaches. Despite its excellent ecology, this lake is on the list of Swiss lakes, where excess ammunition left after World War II was drowned. In 2012, by the decision of a special commission, the disposal of ammunition was considered inexpedient; at present, they do not pose any danger to lakes.

The main resorts around the lake are located in its northeastern and southwestern parts. Lake Brienz is about 14 kilometers long and its maximum width reaches 3 kilometers. The depth is up to 261 meters.

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