Verbier. Resort Center

We usually see ski resorts from the side of their tracks, slopes, and funiculars. This camera in Verbier, Switzerland, shows the center of the resort, where there are restaurants and hotels, post offices and cinemas, shopping stores, boutiques, and other infrastructure typical of an ordinary town.

This PTZ camera is installed in the Verbier Tourist Center’s office, near a roundabout. Around the junction are ski equipment shops, several hotels and cafeterias, a pharmacy, bus stops, as well as a bank and cinema. At the same time, the most fascinating views behind buildings is shown by the camera, these are the peaks of the Alpine mountains and their slopes, along which countless ski routes are laid.

Among many accommodation options in Verbier, there are those that are located in the heart of town. For example, Hotel Bristol Verbier is periodically seen on the screen. Three-star double rooms in it can be rented at a price of 185 euros per night.

The tourist center, where this webcam is located, provides travelers with comprehensive information about the entire infrastructure of the resort, as well as about the neighboring Swiss ski resorts, which can be accessed on a single ski pass.

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