Boston. View of the Town from Blue Hill Meteorological Observatory

Here’s a view of the Massachusetts capital from the Blue Hill Meteorological Observatory, which is located in the southern suburb of Boston. This establishment is directly connected to the history of weather observation in the United States.

Blue Hill is the oldest of the existing observatories in all of North America. It was opened at the end of the XIX century, and its founder, Abbott Lawrence Rotch, made a great contribution to the development of US meteorology. Here, the record wind speed was recorded (approximately 300 km / h) during the hurricane in 1938.

The observatory offers astronomy and science programs for those who are interested in this topic, and it is open to visitors on weekends, when guided tours are held there.

The Round Tower of the building was completely rebuilt at the beginning of the XX century, when it received an additional floor and a more solid structure. In 1989, the Observatory was designated a National Historic Landmark.

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