Cortez. City Center

The rotary camera, in the largest city of the Montezuma district, shows us the center of Cortez. On the screen, we can see a crossroads of West Maine Street and South Market Street, around which there are popular cafes and shops. There are also Sunflower Theater and Fiesta Cinema.

On the opposite side of the street, you can see a sign for the store of natural products. If you go along West Maine Street, you will soon reach Route 491, which quickly brings you to Cortez Airport, as well as to the states of Utah and New Mexico.

The city appeared among high mountain peaks in 1886. At first, housing was built here for workers, who were building plant channels that fed the valley of Montezuma with the waters of the Dolores River. The city was named after the Spanish conquistador, Ernan Cortes.

For tourists, this city is a kind of a trans-shipment point, on the way to the neighboring attractions of the Monument Valley (its panorama is presented below), the Four Corners (the crossing of the borders of the four states: Colorado, New Mexico, Arizona and Utah) and Mesa Verde National Park.

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