Telluride. Panorama of the Village from Bear Creek Lodge

Gold miners in the American Telluride, in the middle of the last century, were replaced by lovers of alpine skiing. Thanks to a new direction in the economy, the city came to life again and began to actively develop. In front of us is a panorama of the western suburbs of Mountain Village; there are hotels, food and sports shops, as well as other tourist infrastructure.

The camera is installed at the Bear Creek Lodge Hotel. Two-star rooms of this hotel are affordable. For $80 you can have everything you need for a comfortable stay. The hotel also has a restaurant of American cuisine.

The panoramic camera shows us the entire area of Mountain Village -neighboring hotels, cable car stations, and highways, which take you directly to the cabins of the lift. This area of Telluride is the closest to the local airport, so it is popular with tourists.

Town Hall Station is only 10 minutes’ walk away, so guests of the Bear Creek Lodge can save money on the transfer.

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