Telluride. Panorama of the Main Street

All the small cities in the center of the United States look alike. The main difference is nature. Telluride, Colorado is very beautiful. Near the town, there are several national parks and the Rocky Mountains. Telluride is surrounded by the slopes of Mount Snoffels, which we can see on the screen.

The camera of the tourist center is installed opposite the San Miguel County Courthouse. We can see several buildings on West Colorado Avenue, in addition to the Sheridan Opera House, as well as numerous cafes and restaurants, clothes stores, pharmacies, and so on.

Telluride became a resort after the opening of the ski slopes on the local mountain, and thanks as well to the annual film festival. At the time of this holiday, the main street of the city, which we can see on the screen, becomes pedestrian.

The city was built during the “gold rush,” when the state of Colorado attracted hunters for the precious metal from around the world. Telluride used to be called Colombia, but because of its similarity to the California city of the same name, it was renamed in 1887.

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