Pillager. Small House for Little Animals

It’s a small house at the station of wildlife watching, Deer Trail. Its first visitor was a squirrel, in October 2016. For those who constantly monitor visitors of this house, it is not difficult to distinguish kinds of squirrels. Flying, black, red, gray and fox squirrels; this well-chosen place for the house allows you to see the great diversity of the wildlife of Minnesota.

It is interesting that new guests of a small house can be found at almost any time of the day. You just need to be patient and not miss one of the short visits of the animals. The house has become a favorite place for birds; unfortunately you can’t see them because they sit on the roof of this house.

For several years, millions of viewers have watched deer, wolves, coyotes and other animals coming here. Birds also visit Deer Trail and land on the edge, where several cameras are also installed.

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