Pillager. Watching the Weather

We are in the center of Minnesota, near the town of Pillager. The camera is installed next to the forest edge, where wild animals often appear. You can watch them here. This camera shows the weather conditions in Cass County.

The population of the county is about 30,000 people, and no more than one thousand people live in the biggest towns. The county is famous for its numerous large and small lakes. For example, near the place where the camera is installed, Lake Isle, Lake Bass, Lake Hardy and other lakes, as well as the famous Mississippi River, can be found.

Many indigenous peoples of America settled there because of the large number of water basins. Now, these reservoirs have become part of the tourist infrastructure of the district. Tourism is developed in Cass County, it offers a country holiday, fishing, hunting and water sports, which attract residents from all over the United States.

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