Pillager. Watching Wild Animals

Four cameras are installed in the forest next to the road, Hengels Gravel Pit, in Cass County, Minnesota. Three of them show the forest edge, where different animals can be met. Wolves and coyotes, skunks, deer, squirrels, and different species of birds have been shown by these cameras.

Despite the fact that animals roam freely around here, several apartment houses are built on 135th street, only 150 meters from the camera. All of them belong to the town of Pillager, the center of which is approximately 15 kilometers away. Deer Trail cameras perfectly convey the sounds of wildlife.

The first cameras appeared here in 2010 and, since then, their number has only increased. In addition to this site , you can look at the little house for animals, as well as learn the weather conditions in Cass County.

On the website of these cameras, you can learn more about the history of watching animals.

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