San Diego. Harbor Island

We are looking at the center of San Diego from Harbor Island. In fact, this is a peninsula, but the name Harbor Island sounds much more harmonious than Harbor Peninsula. In 1961, this small area, on an artificially created plot of land, became a haven for boats of local residents and guests of the California city.

Several hotels have been built on the peninsula, including such prestigious ones as the four-star Sheraton San Diego Hotel & Marina. Lovers of sea trips can get to the Harbor in a matter of minutes because the San Diego Airport and the peninsula are separated only by Harbor Drive Road.

The peninsula is a little over three kilometers long; according to state law, it is a public place, so the construction of private residences is prohibited here, and the land is owned by the city.

The camera is installed at Tom Ham’s Lighthouse Seafood Restaurant, which serves delicious fish dishes from the San Diego shores. At the other end of the peninsula is another famous local restaurant, Island Prime Steak House.

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