San Diego. Panorama from Shelter Island

Shelter Island, located in the harbor of San Diego, has a length of about two kilometers and a width of just a couple of hundred meters. It is not surprising that luxury hotels and yacht clubs of local rich people have been built here. Berths for expensive boats occupy the entire northern coast of the island, while the southern embankment is occupied by beaches, sports grounds, monuments, and a promenade.

The camera is installed in the Polynesian cuisine restaurant, Bali Hai, on the northeast end of the island. On the screen, we can see the center of San Diego, five kilometers from Shelter Island. On the right, we can see the hangars of the North Island Naval Air Station.

Shelter Island was created in the middle of the last century, as a new resort area of San Diego. In the city, the island is best known for its special berths, one of the few in the harbor of San Diego that can receive super-yachts and other large, oversized vessels. Boat shows are regularly held on the island’s marina.

From June to September, popular musicians, comedians, and other artists perform on the island. There are exhibitions and concert venues for them in the open air.

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