San Diego. Multicamera

San Diego Multicamera shows us the city in all its glory. Here, we can see the San Diego Harbor, the Cabrillo National Reserve, and Shelter Island. Other cameras show skyscrapers in the center of the city.

Downtown San Diego is built up with more than 150 skyscrapers, the highest of which is 150 meters. One America Plaza was built in 1991, its height is the maximum allowable because, in the 1970s , the Federal Aviation Administration limited the building height to 500 feet (150 meters). This restriction is due to the nearby international airport.

The first skyscraper appeared in San Diego in 1910. U.S. Grant Hotel had an incredible height of 64 meters at that time. Throughout the century, all new buildings with a new record height appeared on the harbor embankment, while the general panorama of the center was often compared to a “mouth with many missing teeth.”

Despite the fact that San Diego has a large number of huge buildings, none of them is included on the list of the 100 highest skyscrapers of the United States of America.

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