Shelter Island. South Ferry

The eastern part of the American Long Island is divided into several small islands. Since car traffic in these areas is quite low, roads on land are connected by ferries instead of expensive bridges. We are located on the southern shore of Shelter Island, next to the South Ferry Terminal.

On the other side of the Peconic River is North Haven Island. The main road through this island leads to the south coast of Long Island, where tourists can relax on the famous Coopers Beach or visit one of the golf clubs.

Thanks to the online broadcast, viewers can assess the workload of the crossing and look at the weather conditions on the Peconik River. Ferries run from shore to shore with an interval of 10-15 minutes. In the summer months, they work from 5:40 to 1:45, then the schedule changes — on weekdays the ferry stops working at 23:45.

Price for ferry services:

  • Cars, motor homes and pickups: $ 14 one way, $ 17 round-trip on the same day;
  • Bikes: $ 4 and $ 6;
  • Motorcycles: $ 7 and $ 8;
  • Passengers: $ 1 each way.

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