Sag Harbor. Main Street

Sag Harbor is one of the first settlements on the way from Shelter Island to the south coast of Long Island. On the screen, we can see Main Street. It contains all the main attractions of Sag Harbor, as well as popular shops, restaurants, banks, hotels and a cinema.

The camera is installed in an American Hotel and directed towards the southern exit from the city, which leads to Southampton Beach. Despite the modest population of about 2,000 people, the traffic on the main street is quite busy, and all the parking lots along it are occupied during working hours.

The history of Main Street began in 1745, at about the same time that the whaling settlement, Sag Harbor, was formed. Today, on the main street and in other parts of the city, you can find old buildings, built in different centuries, including the famous Umbrella House, as well as the Whaling Museum located at 200 Main Street. The museum is located in a historic building built in 1845.

Many bars and entertainment venues on Main Street work around the clock, so travelers and locals can have a great time even after sunset.

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