Town of Southampton. Cooper's Beach

Cooper’s Beach is among the ten best beaches in the United States, so it attracts the special attention of tourists who are going to relax on the ocean coast of New York. White sand, historic mansions, magnificent nature — all these components of Cooper’s Beach attract thousands of tourists from all over America. You can drive to the beach by car, but you’ll have to pay $40 per day for parking.

There are several hotels with outdoor pools, as well as rental stations of beach equipment and sports equipment. Long Island is an expensive place to stay, but the coast is always clean. Coopers Beach is not a good place for families with children, it attracts surfing fans.

The camera shows us one of the most populated areas of the beach. On the screen, we can see a rescue tower watch the swimmers. The coast of Southampton is filled with tourists strolling, even in the cold months.

It takes about two hours to get from the center of New York to Coopers Beach. Residents of the main American city can always relax on the picturesque Atlantic coast of Long Island.

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