Town of Southampton. Main Street

On the main street of the American resort of Southampton there are dense rows of shops, restaurants, hotels, banks, the city hall and other major facilities of the city. We are looking at Main Street and the pedestrian sidewalk along it from Hildreth’s Home Goods.

Like any small town, Southampton has a couple of major streets such as Main Street. NY 27 passes through the city from west to east. We are looking south, in the direction of the famous Coopers Beach.

As you can see, half of the Main Street roads take up parking spaces, which is not surprising, since traffic in Southampton is almost always calm, so one lane is enough for traffic.

Two buildings on Main Street deserve special attention. First, tourists must look at the main entrance to the city hall, decorated with columns and other elements. Secondly, the Presbyterian Church, with its unusual square tower as well as the neighboring museum of Southampton history, are worth visiting.

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