Town of Southampton. NY 27 Highway

NY 27 is the main road that goes through Long Island and brings you New York. The route stretches to the farthest point of the island and ends at a large roundabout in the area of Montauk Lighthouse.

The state highway NY 27 has a length of almost 200 kilometers and passes through such scenic spots as the national parks of Montauk Point and Heckscher. We are looking at the road at the intersection of this route with 27A, which runs along NY 27 a little to the south.

The camera is set between the popular American resort of Southampton and the village of Water Mill. There is an electric vehicle charging station on the opposite side of the road, as well as a gym. Around the large (by the standards of Long Island) traffic interchange, there are several car dealerships selling BMW, Porsche, Ford, Audi and other car brands.

Across 27A there is Southampton Fire Station, as well as a family recreational park with large sports fields, including baseball.

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