Turnerville. Dry Canyon Valley

The town of Turnerville, Wyoming is surrounded by mountains and valleys on all sides. This area is quite popular with hikers. Tourists climb the peaks of the mountains, the height of which exceed the mark of 3 kilometers above sea level. For example, the peak of Mount McDougal, the nearest to Turnerville, is 3,327 meters high, which is only 183 meters less than the highest point of the Wyoming Range, Wyoming Peak.

In different parts of the Wyoming mountain range, there are several bodies of water where all conditions for comfortable fishing are created. Inveterate fishermen can find mountain lakes near the peaks of Wyoming. For example, there is Lake Midle Piney, next to which the camp of the same name is situated. It is also noteworthy that one of the peaks of the mountain range is named Rock Lake Peak, which towers over the lake of the same name and is home to perch, catfish and trout.

If you like the nature of Turnerville, then you can join the 192 inhabitants of this town. The land here is inexpensive, unlike the larger settlements of Lincoln County. And, tourists should know that the nearest hotel is in the nearby town of Tyne.

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