Volcano. Crater Puu-Oo

The Hawaiian volcano, Kilauea, located in the eastern part of the island has many craters. Perhaps the most famous of them are Halemaumau and Puu-Oo, which you can see on the screen. Puu-Oo is not only a volcanic crater with a huge lake of fire lava, but also a volcanic slag cone located in the eastern part of Kilauea. The name of the crater contains two Hawaiian words that mean ‘hill’ and ‘bird’.

It is noteworthy that Puu-Oo has been continuously smoking and erupting since 1983. Its walls collapsed in 2011 and 2018, so the original shape changed a lot.

After serious eruptions in 1983, the volcano got more eruption points; in 1986, the Kupaianaha cone appeared.

The island of Hawaii is gradually increasing in size due to the constant eruptions of various volcanoes. Puu-Oo contributed to the increase in territory. In 2005, almost 3 cubic kilometers of magma added land to the coast of the island.

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