Volcano. Steep Slope Holei Pali

For centuries, volcanic lava on the island of Hawaii created amazing natural landscapes near the eastern coastal zone. Several cameras in the National Natural Park of Volcanoes are installed next to the cascading slopes of Holei Pali. The attentive viewer will see that even sprouts and grass make their way through basalt and other volcanic nature.

The height of the slope may increase at any time, it all depends on the activity of Hawaiian volcanoes. Now, it is over the 400 meter mark. The main lava flow occurred from 1969 to 1974. At that time, the unique landscape of Holei Pali was formed.

Holei Pali offers excellent panoramas of the Hawaiian coast. This is why the southern slope of Kilauea Volcano is often found in albums of famous photographers. Its name includes the word for a cliff or slope (this is how the word Pali is translated from Hawaiian).

The formation of slopes is due to the load of lava layers. Breakaway pieces of the volcano descend to the coast or even go under water.

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