Volcano. Mauna Loa Volcano. Southern Caldera

The Hawaiian volcano, Mauna Loa, is one of the most famous among all the volcanoes of the National Natural Park of this American island. This online camera transmits a picture from the southern caldera of Mauna Loa.

A caldera is an extensive cauldron-shaped hollow of volcanic origin with distinctive features, such as steep walls and a flat bottom. Calderas are formed as a result of powerful volcanic eruptions, the lowering of the relief is due to the collapse of the crater walls during lava emissions.

Moku’āweoweo is the name for the giant caldera of Mauna Loa. Its size is amazing and is measured in kilometers. The approximate size of this formation is 5 kilometers by 2.5 kilometers, and its depth reaches almost 200 meters.

Observations of the Mauna Loa volcano have been going on for 100 years. In 1912, a volcanic observatory was opened, thanks to which scientists can predict the future activity of a particular volcano.

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