Rauriser Hochalmbahnen, one of the mountain stations we can see on the screen, is located in the picturesque Rauris Valley. For the guests, there are tracks totaling 32 kilometers.

In addition to ski runs during the winter season, you can stroll along snow-covered mountain trails in snowshoes, go sledding, ride in a horse-drawn sleigh, or climb the ice column in special equipment and under the watchful eye of professionals.

Since the resort is not considered the most popular in the region, there are fewer tourists here than on other slopes of Salzburg.

The rotary camera is installed next to an artificial reservoir, at an altitude of 1,720 meters. If you go down the Alpine slope a little, you can use another ski lift that takes you to the highest station, where you can start your descent from a mark of 2,500 meters!

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