Mlini. Šetalište Marka Marojice

Mlini is a small Croatian resort that literally squeezed into a small stretch of land between the Adriatic Sea and the Bosnia and Herzegovina border. Mlini is in the shadow of its more famous neighbor, the city of Dubrovnik. For tourists, this is rather a plus because the beaches are not crowed, even at the height of the season.

The camera is installed on Marka Marojice promenade and directed toward the port of Mlini. At the pier, which is in the center of the image, ferries connecting Mlini with Dubrovnik and Lokrum (a small island known for its fort) stop.

Marka Marojice, where the online camera is installed, is the main street of the resort. The best hotels in town, parks, squares, and public places are situated along it.

The main beach of the resort is located just outside the port of Mlini. Access to the pebble beach is free. You can rent sun beds and umbrellas for a comfortable stay on the beach.

In the background of the image, Mount Veliki Opasonik rises above Mlini, along the slopes of which the border of neighboring states is laid.

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