Le Crotoy. Panorama of the Embankment

The embankment of the port city of Le Crotoy stretched several hundred kilometers along the Somme Bay. As you can see, not only the pedestrian zone and the motor road are here but also a large sandy beach, where both local residents and numerous tourists relax.

Le Crotoy has been a famous beach resort for a long time. In the middle of the 19th century, the first bathhouses appeared here; and at the beginning of the 20th century, hotels and guest houses with swimming pools and other tourist infrastructure were being actively built in the city. In 2004, a famous magazine, L’Express, named Le Crotoy as one of the most beautiful and popular resorts among small French villages.

When visiting Le Crotoy, do not forget to stroll along the small ponds in the community. There, you will find a great variety of birds — swans, ducks, coots, and sometimes storks and herons.

The camera is located next to the hotel-restauran tLes Aviateurs, which has low-cost rooms up to 100 euros per night.

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