Mers-les-Bains. Panorama of the Embankment

The beach season in the resorts off the coast of the cold English Channel lasts only a couple of months a year. But in bad weather, tourists come to the ancient French towns on the coast to see the monuments of architecture, stunning landscapes, and local attractions.

In front of us is the famous esplanade, the embankment of the French city of Mers-les-Bains. It became known throughout the world thanks to the colorful houses along General Leclerc Street. There are cafes and restaurants, hotels, and apartments for rent.

The camera is installed at the intersection of the embankment and Julien Hedin Street. A live streaming webcast shows us the beach where European-style beach houses, streams of tourists and locals walking along the embankment, traffic on the escalade of General Leclerc, as well as the rocky coast near Le Treport are set.

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