Le Crotoy is a small resort town on the banks of the English Channel. It has two different embankments. On the main coast, you can enjoy a long beach and a beautiful promenade, and the second part of the resort is on your screen. The yacht marina is located in the eastern part of the resort, next to the Bay of Somme campground.

On the right, we can see the continuation of the Le Crotoy waterfront, and just behind it, behind the tall trees, are the low-rise residential houses of the resort, many of which are rented out for the summer season.

Just behind the camera is a huge parking lot for motorhomes, Aire De Camping Car Du Crotoy. Here, tourists can leave their big cars and go for a walk around Le Crotoy. It’s a rare resort that is so caring for tourists with motor caravans; usually, motorists have to stop at a significant distance from the coast.

Despite the rapid development of tourism, Le Crotoy also does not forget about the traditional sector of the economy, fishing. Fishermen are especially active from October to March, which is very convenient for tourists for whom Somme Bay is available all summer.

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