Orta San Giulio. Orta Sailing Club

The north of Italy is literally cut by parallel lakes stretching from north to south. The most popular of them, Garda, Como, and Lago Maggiore gained worldwide popularity. Much less often, foreigners visit the ponds adjacent to these lakes. This camera shows us just such a small lake, located next to Lake Maggiore.

We are at the pier of the Orta Sailing Club, in the town of Orta San Giulio. As you can see, amateur captains can launch their boats into the water via a concrete slip (to which they bring a trailer with a boat), and leave it at the boat parking of the club.

In the background are other resorts around Lake Orta and its famous island of San Giulio, where the basilica of the same name is built.

There are several hotels near Orta Sailing Club. They are peaceful because Imolo, an area of Orta San Giulio, is quieter than the central part of the community.

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