Verbania. Intra Sailing Club

Intra is a suburb of the Italian resort of Verbania. In 1965, the Sailing Club was opened here. Later, it moved to a more picturesque place, the Bigansolo area. From the wharf of Intra, you can enjoy stunning views of Lago Maggiore. World-famous athletes, such as Matteo Ogadro or Enzo Bonini, used to train there. Today, there is a sports sailing school at the club.

The camera is installed next to the main pier of the club and is directed toward vessels parking on land. Sailboats of club members are stored both on a well-groomed green lawn and on a concrete parking lot. The sailing club is separated from the houses and hotels of Biganzolo by a thick forest, which we can see in the background of the image. Right behind the forest is the architectural monument of Verbania, the Catholic Church of San Marco.

Not only local residents and Italians from neighboring cities join Intra sailing club, but foreigners do also. If you regularly pay membership fees, then your boat will be serviced throughout the year.

In the left part of the screen, we can see the crane that launches the ships. Owners of boats can bring their vessels on trailers directly to the crane, which we can periodically see on the screen.

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