Takayama. Historic Outpost Takayama Jin'ya

Takayama Jin’ya is a former government outpost built in Takayama several centuries ago.

The first owner of these buildings was Kanamori, the ruler of the principality of Hida-Takayama. In the 17th18th centuries, the villa passed to the local government and was used as an administrative building. Today, Takayama Jin’ya is the main attraction of the city.

The outpost received the status of an historical place in 1929, but it was used as an office until 1969. Takayama Jin’ya got its current look after a big reconstruction in 1816.

The camera is installed across the street, opposite the main entrance and the square, in front of Takayama Jinya. If you look closely at the Takayama Jin’ya complex of buildings, you can see the wooden roofs of houses.

A market is organized daily in the square in front of the outpost, where citizens can purchase products of local farmers.

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