Takayama. Nakabashi Bridge

In the Japanese city of Takayama, the main sight is the historic outpost of Takayama Jin’ya. It is not surprising that other landmark buildings are located around this complex, such as the Nakabashi Bridge that you see on the screen.

The bridge, built in 1925, connects the banks of the Miyakawa River. Its length is 35.4 meters, and it is 7.9 m wide. Earlier, other crossings over the river were constructed at this place, but due to frequent floods they often had to be rebuilt. The modern bridge also periodically suffers from natural disasters, but is repaired quickly.

In 1965, the railing was replaced on the bridge, and it was painted cinnabar (a shade of red), after which, it received its unofficial name, Red Nakabashi. The bridge has a bright illumination, which is switched on four times a year.

At the opposite bank of the river, you will find a park where the ruins of Takayama Castle are located, and you can also get to the intercity road leading to the neighboring Nagano prefecture.

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