Castricum. Beach Pavilion Club Zand

Club Zand is one of several beach pavilions in the Dutch resort of Castricum. Due to intense competition, each of the pavilions tries to offer its guests the best service, as well as excellent dishes in the restaurant.

The panoramic camera of Club Zand shows us the beach and the summer terrace of the restaurant. Each pavilion tries to make itself singular in originality. Club Zand has live musical performances, which are held here every Friday. The club is open all year round.

You can book the entire pavilion for a big party, wedding, or other celebration. Right on the sandy beach in front of Club Zand, there is a barbecue area, where you can cook fish or meat on an open fire.

Castricum-en-Ze is a resort with no resident population, but because of its popularity among the inhabitants of Holland, it is always noisy and crowded. At the end of the beach season, tourists come here to have a great time in restaurants overlooking the sea.

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