Castricum. Zeezicht Beach Pavilion

People from Northern Europe prefer to holiday in the resorts of the Mediterranean or Adriatic Sea. Residents of this part of the Old World can fly cheap to almost any resort, where the temperature of water and air is much higher than in their home towns. Moreover, in almost all countries that have access to the North and Baltic Seas, there are resorts of their own with excellent service.

One of these coastal towns, or rather, communities is Castrikum in the Netherlands. The webcam is installed in the Zeezicht beach pavilion. Such places and beaches are a great option for locals to relax on weekends.

We can see an open terrace of a cafe and tables, with a magnificent view of the North Sea. Zeezicht has the best coffee, which is carefully selected and roasted, specifically for visitors to the pavilion.

You will find a wide variety of fish dishes, salads, appetizers, and desserts on the menu. Prices for a restaurant of this type are quite affordable, for example, beef carpaccio is € 9.50.

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