Castricum. Zoomers Beach Pavilion

Localities by the sea in the Netherlands are named after nearby major cities, but with the prefix aan Zee, which means “by the sea” in Dutch. The North Sea resort of Castrikum aan Zee, located five kilometers from the town of Castrikum, is no exception. Dozens of beach pavilions have been built along the resort’s huge beach. This camera is installed in the Zoomers pavilion .

In front of us lies the wide beach of Castricum aan Zee. On the left, you can see the tables of the summer café, Zoomers, as well as the sun beds in front of them. The Beach Pavilion is a great place to relax on weekends. It is easily accessible from anywhere in the Netherlands, in a matter of hours. There is an asphalt road right up to the beach. Parking here is relatively cheap, 6.5 euros per day. You can also get to the beach by public transport. Castricum has a train station and is connected to the beach by bus.

Zoomers is a popular place where parties and weddings are held regularly. In addition to the main menu of the restaurant, guests can try buffet meals. For example, a buffet breakfast for 10 people costs 150 euros. You can also reserve a conference room and order lunch for business meetings.

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