Den Burg. De Koorn-aar Camping

For Europeans, holidays on the islands is not necessarily tedious flights or long cruises on ships. For example, in the north of the Netherlands, there are several islands where you can spend holidays or weekends. In front of us is De Koorn-aar camping on the island of Texel, close to the mainland of Holland.

The PTZ camera shows us the campsite, where there is everything necessary for a comfortable stay. Tourists can stay here in cozy cabins or live in their own caravans, which are transported by ferries from Den Helder. The campsite is built next to the National Park and the Texel Oceanarium. Right behind the park is a long beach.

You can always hear children’s voices in De Koorn-aar. Excellent conditions have been created here for young travelers, such as playgrounds, bicycle paths, performances, and a recreation room.

A standard package for 4 days, costs 300-400 euros. This includes accommodation in a comfortable chalet, for 4-5 people, and access to the entire camping infrastructure.

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