Vlieland. North Coast of the Island

The Dutch island of Vlieland attracts tourists from all over Europe both by its comfortable sandy beaches and interesting location. On the one hand, it is really a full-fledged island with no connection with the mainland, and on the other hand, it can be reached quickly, because Vlieland is located just 2.5 kilometers from the mainland.

The camera is installed in a restaurant on the shore of the Wadden Sea. Badhuys, partly due to low competition, partly due to the high popularity among tourists, recommends on its website to reserve a table in advance to not only taste delicious food and drinks, but also to look at the stunning sunset. The restaurant hosts the annual festival with contests and dances right on the beach.

Not far from this beach, there are several hotels, as well as the stable, which offers memorable horseback tours of the island.

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