Vlieland. Coast of the Island

We are on the east coast of the island of Vlieland, in Hotelletje De Veerman. It offers a wonderful view of the Wadden Sea.

On the web site of the hotel, you can book a room for a company of 2-8 people. Hotelletje De Veerman offers vacationers to take advantage of special offers, which include a bicycle or boat rental for a period of 2 to 4 days. Such offers are very popular among the residents of the Netherlands, many people like to spend not only vacations, but also just weekends on the Frisian Islands. For example, a package with a 4-day stay in a studio with free of charge cycling around the island would cost about 140 euros.

On the cam image, we can see the coastal zone of the only village on the island — Oost-Vlieland. Almost all the buildings on the island have a long history. Periodically, hydraulic deposition of the shore is to be made so that the island doesn’t move along the North Sea. In the old days, when there wasn’t such a possibility, the neighboring village of West Vlieland was simply washed away and the last residents left the place at the beginning of the XVIII century.

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