Vlieland. Ferry Pier

When we are talking about resorts that are located on European islands, we often think first about Italian or Spanish islands, like Sicily, Sardinia, or Mallorca. But there are northern resorts in Europe, for example, in the Netherlands. This camera is installed on the coast of Vlieland, in Hotel Zeezicht.

A ferry terminal connects the island of Vlieland with the mainland of the Netherlands. Tourists can reach the island in just an hour and a half. Ferry tickets are sold on the website of the shipping company. The fare is 23.5 euros in one direction; if you travel with a bicycle, which is common for this country, you will need to pay another 3 euros.

Tourists are advised to buy tickets in advance, since ferries make only a few runs a day and there is almost no space left at the time of departure. The Vlieland ferry dock connects the resort with the city of Harlingen and with the neighboring West Frisian island of Terschelling. A trip between the islands costs only 8.5 euros.

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