Vlieland. Embankment

Although the Dutch resort on the island of Vlieland is visited only a few months a year, it has all the necessary infrastructure, such as the embankment, which we see on the screen. Here, you can relax on the cascade lawn, look at several sculptures, or go to the mainland from the ferry pier.

The camera in Hotel Zeezicht shows us the locals and guests of the island, who come to Vlieland in the summer months. We can see only the beginning of the huge quay of the island, which stretches along the entire coast of Ost-Vlieland.

Here, on the embankment near the port, there are many restaurants and hotels, and some of the private houses are rented to tourists. The nearest attractions of the island — the lighthouse and the cheese cellar — can be reached in just 20 minutes. You can walk along the sea to enjoy the magnificent scenery and views of the mainland of Holland.

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