Key West. Historic Port

We are looking at the Key West Historic Seaport, which is one of the local attractions. The historic seaport of Key West is located along the harbor embankment, where Front Street, Green Street, Elizabeth, William Street, and Greennell Street end.

The port offers a variety of services, from mooring a vessel to renting bicycles and catamarans. Directly from the port, you can go to the famous tour of Key West by train, which is more like a children’s attraction than a tourist shuttle. The city center can be quickly reached by a special bus, Duval Loop.

The historic port of Key West offers an extensive entertainment program for tourists—parasailing, boat trips, sea bottom exploration, a variety of eco-tours, open sea fishing, sailing, and much more. In addition, you can try the famous Key West fish dishes here, such as at the Cuban Coffee Queen or Fisherman’s Cafe.

The historic port is the organizer of many racing boat competitions. And, of course, this is the place where various souvenir shops are located. Here, you can find unexpected goods. In addition to fish gear and spare parts for ships, they sell musical instruments in the Piano Shop.

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