Key West. Key West Bay

A survey camera on the shore of the American resort of Key West is installed at The Marker Waterfront Resort. We can see the territory of the hotel with its swimming pool and spacious terraces, and Key West Bay. The resort is quite specific, huge cruise liners moor here (look at the main pier), and pleasure boats also go out to sea.

The Marker Hotel has four-star rooms, which offer a good view of the Gulf of Mexico. A classic double room with a giant bed costs about $240 per day. The neighboring restaurant, Cero Bodega, has tables right on its site for breakfast, lunch, and dinner. On the outdoor terrace by the pool, tourists can enjoy Californian and Mexican cuisine.

The main entertainment of the resort is fishing. The catch is skillfully cooked in local fish restaurants.

On the screen, you can see boats that travelers rent in Key West to go fishing in the open sea. The rental price depends on the season and the size of the vessel. The simplest boat costs $325 (for 8 hours). Note that this price does not include fuel and various taxes.

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