Riverhead. Long Island Aquarium

In various guidebooks and articles you can find information about the magnificent New York Aquarium, “Long Island”. We are talking about the aquarium, which is built on the banks of the Peconic River in the village of Riverhead, the road to which, from the center of New York, takes at least 2 hours.

This camera is installed in front of the penguin enclosure. Children and adults alike can watch these funny birds for hours.

In Long Island aquariums, you can see the diversity of the flora and fauna of the Atlantic Ocean, such as giant sharks, stingrays, moray eels and other inhabitants of the aquarium await you in the very center of Riverhead.

The fee for adults is $62 and $20 for children. In addition to a tour of the aquarium, visitors can take part in the public feeding of animals and fish. Interactive excursions are held for an additional fee for children, during which some of the inhabitants of the aquarium can be touched.

One of the most unusual programs in an aquarium is the nightly Sleep with the Fishes program, when children’s groups of 20 can spend the night, surrounded by fish, penguins, and insects. The cost of such a program is about $50, depending on the number of participants.

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